What Are the Basic Beliefs of Scientology?

Grant Cardone a proud Scientologist

October 4, 2022

Overview of Scientology's

To understand the cult, you may ask, “What is the basic belief system of Scientology?”. Religion teaches that we are all separate individuals but part of a larger community. As such, it promotes personal development and the welfare of others. However, it also believes that good and evil exist.

Scientology believes in good and evil.

While Scientology recognizes the existence of good and evil, it argues that those forces are not ultimately destructive and are not the cause of human suffering. Its doctrine of reincarnation, as well as its understanding of the soul, are different from other religions and philosophies. In addition, religion does not acknowledge God as active in human life. Instead, it regards God as the First Cause from which the universe arose but viewed him as transcendent and distant.

The Scientology religion has many intriguing claims. For example, it teaches that a powerful evil warlord named Xenu sent billions of human souls to Earth and then dropped them into volcanic craters. Hydrogen bombs then blew up these souls. As a result, every human body contains a clinging cluster of evil energy called Body Thetans. Getting rid of these harmful energy clusters requires expensive “auditing” from Scientology experts.

It promotes personal development.

Scientology advocates personal development through the use of the “tone scale.” The tone scale runs from +40 to -40, with a ‘tone 40’ representing total serenity and a ‘tone 40’ representing complete failure. In Scientology, negative tones are dangerous and impair the ability to interact with the world.

While the technology involved in Scientology has the potential to make people happier, it also threatens to subvert personal reason. Many people have associated Scientology with unthinking, arrogant, and even belligerent behaviour. Fortunately, many Scientology survivors have come forward to tell their stories, making Scientology more understandable to a broader audience.

It promotes charity

Scientology has been making waves in the charity sector after failing to achieve charity status in the UK. The religion founded by American science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard claims to have over eight million followers worldwide. The religion teaches that human problems result from disembodied souls brought to Earth millions of years ago. The church’s charity campaign aims to raise awareness and funds for charity projects.

Scientology churches worldwide fund extensive charitable activities that support illiteracy, disaster relief, and community outreach.

It promotes welfare

The Church of Scientology has received religious recognition for its humanitarian activities and plans to hold a grand opening for its mission in Panama in October 2020. In the wake of the recent pandemic in Panama, Scientologists sprang into action to help social services cope with the crisis. Scientologists volunteered to deliver food to the country’s poorest residents and coordinated aid supplies. Scientologists also teamed up with the Ministry of Social Development and the civil protection service to help people recover from the pandemic.

Scientology adherents believe that man is a spirit and can achieve higher levels of awareness and consciousness. They claim that their beliefs are based on the traditions of fifty thousand years of thinking men. They use these principles to create methods to improve the world’s condition. They do not consider themselves a sect but feel they are being persecuted and misunderstood.

It believes in an Ultimate Reality.

According to Scientology, man is more than a body and mind, but a spiritual being. His body would not act if he did not have guidance from his spirit. As such, he is free to choose his actions to reach his spiritual goals.

Scientology is a religion that helps people become more aware of their spiritual nature. It teaches people to realize that they are immortal spiritual beings with experiences beyond this lifetime. Furthermore, its doctrines teach that man is a spiritual being connected to the Supreme Being and capable of achieving higher states of consciousness.

It promotes family

The Church of Scientology is promoting family unity and a winter wonderland in its newest location. The church has rented a historic bank building on 18th and Grand to host the event. The main event was a jazz concert on Tuesday evening, but a petting zoo will be held in a tent during the winter. The church’s founder, In addition, the church pays for their medical expenses. It does not, however, promote abortion.