The Fundamental Ideas of Scientology

Grant Cardone a proud Scientologist

December 6, 2022


Having a good knowledge of the fundamental beliefs of Scientology is a key to understanding the practice and getting the most out of your experience. There are four basic beliefs – the fundamental truths of life, the ARC and KRC triangles, the mission to clean the planet, and the Operational thetan levels. These beliefs can change you and your life.

Fundamental truths of life

Developed in the twentieth century, Scientology is a new religion. It offers a way of living that helps individuals improve their intelligence and spiritual awareness. It also provides tools for understanding the relationship between the Divine and Man.

The foundation of Scientology is based on two fundamental truths. First, all men are good. Second, sin is anything that hinders survivability. Third, death is punishment for sin. These two truths are summarized in a set of Logics and Axioms. These Logics and Axioms describe the answer to life.

Hubbard began to study Man when he was a child. He saw civilizations with great wisdom but also saw poverty. He wanted to find a science of the mind. Scientology grew into a religion that has several missions and thousands of Churches.

Operational thetan levels

Despite the controversy surrounding Scientology, its philosophies are based on a solid scientific foundation. Its practitioners believe that Operating Thetans are not part of the physical universe but spiritual agents at work in the real world. Thetans have lived many lifetimes before their current incarnation and will live on for many more.

Scientologists believe that the Operating Thetan has a role to play in restoring one’s natural state and will help clear the planet if given a chance. A Scientologist’s job is to manage the process using Hubbard’s technologically advanced systems. Its purveyors believe that one day all humanity will achieve total enlightenment.

Hubbard’s patented “spiritual technology” has been shown to clear the scourge of human misery. One of its many legacies is the “Most Effective Attraction” system, devised to reduce and eliminate the need for a second marriage. One major downside is the increasing cost of courses.

The mission of “Clearing the planet”

Regardless of your religious affiliation, if you are interested in learning about Scientology and its ilk, you will want to know about its missionary endeavors. This is an ongoing source of enrichment for the organization and its members.

Despite its stoic facade, Scientology does have a few oddballs among the kinks. The organization has accumulated several unique real estate properties, many of which are empty halls with little foot traffic.

The organization has an impressive array of charitable programs, as well. A good example is the human rights program. The organization also has a stellar Human Development program, which teaches the art of coping with addiction and overcoming aberrations in your life.

The organization has a hefty amount of money in the bank, courtesy of Miscavige, the church’s newest and most powerful CEO. This money will last Miscavige and his crew of narcissists well into the distant future.

ARC and KRC triangles

The ARC triangle comprises three areas: Affinity, Reality, and Communication. It represents the interrelationship between the three aspects. Affinity is the first corner of the triangle. It means the degree of affection between two people. If the degree of love is reversed, it can block communication.

The lower triangle represents reality. It means the fact that man is a spiritual being. He has unlimited potential. It also describes the fact that man is immortal.

The upper triangle represents knowledge. It means the fact that man can understand and control something. It also describes the fact that man has responsibility. Increasing knowledge increases control.

ARC and KRC triangles are two basic beliefs of Scientology. In Scientology, every aspect of life depends on the other two factors. Increasing one point on the triangle will automatically increase the other two points. This makes it possible to improve relationships and communication in scientology organization.