The Beginnings of the Church of Scientology

Grant Cardone a proud Scientologist

September 3, 2022

“The Beginnings of the Church of Scientology” is an insightful and informative book that explores the early history of Scientology. The book includes details about Hubbard’s “exteriorization” and his theories about the human mind. You’ll also learn about his battle with the U.S. government and his relationship with the current head of the organization, David Miscavige.

Hubbard’s experience of “exteriorization”

During his lifetime, Hubbard had several experiences of “exteriorization” and coined the term “thetan” to describe this experience. The Thetan is the soul, or true essence, of the human being, and it is a separate entity from the body and mind. Exteriorization allows the thetan to leave the body and function independently. A person who has learned to practice exteriorization is known as an Operating Thetan.

Exteriorization is a common phenomenon among Scientologists. People who have undergone the experience of going outside their bodies are quick to relate stories of this experience. Interestingly, many of these stories have been verified through thousands of videos and scientific studies. A quick Google search will turn up thousands of videos of people going outside their bodies.

Exteriorization was studied by L. Ron Hubbard, a religious writer and researcher. Various religious texts describe this experience. Hubbard concluded that the “thetan” (the “soul”) can leave the body and occupy other bodies. He also believed that thetans had previously inhabited other bodies before this one. In this way, Hubbard’s thetan concept closely resembled the gnostic tradition of the afterlife.

His theories about the human mind

Hubbard’s speculative theories, which he published in 1952, were accompanied by a movement towards religion. Despite this, Hubbard continued to develop his ideas, calling them Scientology. In 1954, the first Scientology church was founded in Los Angeles. Later, a second church opened in Washington, D.C., and Hubbard became its executive director. Eventually, churches in England, South Africa, and New Zealand followed.

Scientology claims that all humans have a spiritual self called Thetan that separates them from their physical bodies. It is also believed that thetans have existed in other bodies before this one. Hubbard’s vision of the cosmos was very similar to Eastern beliefs and the Gnostic tradition in the West.

Scientologists are encouraged to develop a larger worldview and identify with larger realities. While they initially identify as individuals, they later identify with their family, tribe, and ultimately, with humanity. Thus, the church focuses on helping Scientologists realize their inherent spiritual essence.

His fight with the U.S. government

Scientology has long fought against the U.S. government, but it hasn’t been successful. Some members of the organization have been locked up in isolation rooms. One Scientologist, a German, was locked in a room for 17 days. He was only allowed to communicate with family members and Scientologists by writing. He was also denied sound, and he was sent home.

As a result of the FBI raids, Scientology fought back by suing several government agencies. In one such case, the Church of Scientology allegedly tampered with witnesses and committed crimes. The church says that the accusations are false and that the facts about their movement have been twisted.

The church has also opened a national office in Washington, DC, where it coordinates humanitarian and social initiatives. It also lobbies government officials to protect Scientology’s volunteer ministers. These volunteer ministers are the largest independent relief force in the world and have responded to major disaster areas for more than a decade. The group has also taken steps to stop psychiatry from being used at these disaster sites.

His relationship with David Miscavige

David Miscavige and his wife, Shelly, have been married since 1982. He was the leader of the church during that time, and the pair became a power couple. During the early years of the marriage, the two were described as “equals,” but in the end, they often slept in separate bedrooms.

David Miscavige is a high school dropout. At age 16, he joined the Sea Org, a group that pledges eternal faith in Scientology. He soon formed a close relationship with L. Ron Hubbard and, in a short time, became his executive assistant. He also took lessons in filmmaking and photography. In recent years, he has taken on more leadership roles.

Miscavige has worked hard to expand Scientology worldwide and protect its members. He reorganized the church’s corporate structure in the early 1980s, which ushered in a new era of Scientology. The Church has experienced sustained growth and stability during this time. David Miscavige has helped end a number of fights by getting involved himself.